Black Majik

I had been craving for a phaser for a looong time and finally put one together. It’s basically a MXR Phase 90 type of circuit with adjustable depth control + switchable vibrato and some additional circuit modifications. True bypass switching of course.

My mods on the classic circuit make the effect more mellow and subtle and helps if your phase is sounding distorted. It becomes more vintage sounding and not so “in your face”.

Vibrato switch makes the pitch warble in a cool way like an old Magnatone amp.

I was experimenting with the circuit a bit further and you could even get ring modulatorish sounds out of this! Maybe some day I’ll drill some more holes to the box and do this…

Sound samples by Jukka-Pekka Berg:

Guitar: ESP 400 Telecaster loaded with Texas Special pickups, pickup switch in middle position
Amp: 1964 VOX AC30(T), Celestion Silver Alnico (reconed 2013)
Microphones: AKG 414, Shure 57
Studer 905 preamps, no eq

Clean sound

“Vibe” settings

Slow speed

Controls at 12 o’clock

Controls maximum CW