Intergalactic Space Commander

Lately I’ve tackled some challenging projects. Fitting a tube tremolo and modded mxr phase 90 clone into a 1590BB-size hammond box proved to be challenging indeed! But results are great and this little red box deserves it’s name!

Tube part is based on modded Matsumin Valvecaster tube booster/overdrive with added phase shift oscillator (designed by Rick Holt) to make the tremolo effect happen. Nice and warm vintage sound!

Phaser is a good old mxr phase 90 -type circuit with added depth control to mellow/deepen it if needed.

Mode-switch selects between phaser and tremolo and Engage-switch bypasses the whole pedal.

Set your phasers to kill!

Some sound samples:

Recording chain: Telecaster->Space Commander->Mixer->Soundcard->Cubase Amp simulator. First you hear clean sound, then phaser, then tremolo.

Settings in middle position

Fast settings

Mellow settings