Raging Bull

Finally, a great medium/medium-high overdrive for bass guitar! Vintage vibes and a great tool for reamping line bass. You can control the amount of overdrive by your playing dynamics (especially in lower gain settings) and it has a nice amp-like feel. Works great in front of tube amps too because of it’s tweakability (Vol-Tone-Gain). Tone control has a big impact on sound and distortion type, not just cutting highs. My personal favorite for bass guitar.

Go and see Oliver-band live and you might spot one of these on Lasse’s pedalboard ;)

Soundclips by Mikko Myllykoski of Mahogany Row.

Recording gear:

Bass: Fender Precision Special with Cobalt Flatwound strings and Geezer Butler pickups
Compressor: Cali76
Amp: Ampeg V4BH
Cab: Ampeg 8×10
Microphone: Korby KAT U47

First you hear a clean sound and then effect on sound, here are the settings used:

1. Tone at 9, Gain at 9
2. Tone at 12, Gain at 9
3. Tone at 12, Gain at 12
4. Tone at 13.30, Gain at 12
5. Tone at 13.30, Gain at 13.30
6. Tone at 15, Gain at 13.30
7. Tone at 15, at Gain 15